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About Rachel
10066.jpegRachel Victoria Rodríguez

...always wanted to be a writer. Her family tree sprouted in Castilla, Spain, and she is honored to write a book about Gaudi. With Building on Nature, she hopes that young people will delight in discovering his creative whimsy and talent, as she did.

Rachel has been published in The Los Angeles Times and has read her essays on Northern California public radio. A professional facilitator and national speech coach, she lives in San Francisco. Through Georgia's Eyes is her first book.

3rd gradeRachel was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she lived with her mom, dad, and older sisters until she was six. Rachel was pretty short then and had a talent for getting stuck in tall snowbanks in the winter. In summer, she liked eating chives right out of the garden. On warm nights after dinner, she and her sisters played kickball with the neighbor kids for hours at a time.

Her family soon moved and Rachel began her first career: New Kid. She attended eight different schools, three of them different high schools. (Why did Rachel move? Click here.) One constant in every unfamiliar town was the public library, and reading books became a favorite pastime. From 4th grade onward, writing in her journal became another activity Rachel enjoyed.

InHer father is Puerto Rican American and her mom is Slovakian American. Rachel is proud of her mixed cultural heritage. She likes how writer Sandra Cisneros puts it, Rachel"I am an amphibian. I can travel in two worlds."

Rachel's extended family is also Cuban and Portuguese. Her diverse cultural background is truly American and allows her to travel in many worlds and see pieces of herself in so many others.

Rachel has worked as a restaurant busgirl, a medical guinea pig, and a 7-11 Slurpee machine syrup refiller. She was the voice of Hellman's Mayonnaise for Argentinean commercials screening at Cannes Film Festival. Ranger Summit

She's also answered phones at a Dublin, Ireland public relations firm. As a park ranger in Olympic National Park, she climbed to the jaw-dropping summit of Mt. Olympus, flew in a helicopter searching to rescue lost hikers and picked up campers trash in the woods.

Machu Picchu

Nowadays, Rachel is busy writing more books. From her San Francisco home, she enjoys the 20-minute bike ride through Golden Gate Park to the sea.

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