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...wait! Not that far back!

Rachel Rodriguez has been a slurpee machine fixer and the "voice of Hellman's Mayonnaise" for commercials showing at Cannes Film Festival. She's even gotten paid as a medical guinea pig and a park ranger picking up campers' trash in the woods. Nowadays, Rachel works nationally as a professional facilitator and presentation skills workshop leader, coaching others to give engaging, memorable talks.

Rachel has published in The Los Angeles Times and read her essays on Northern California public radio. With the publication of THROUGH GEORGIA'S EYES and now BUILDING ON NATURE: THE LIFE OF ANTONI GAUDI, she has realized her lifelong dream of becoming an author.


Mrs. Dalloway's Bookstore
bookstore presentation, Berkeley
Rachel's lively 45-minute presentations are fun, informative and highly interactive. A school visit with Rachel works best with a schedule of up to three group presentations and a booksigning.

Rachel's school visits are about the kids she visits--they aren't about her. What's important about school visits is not what Rachel says as an author, but what the kids say as authors-to-be.

Rachel makes certain every presentation she does from kindergarten through 8th grade includes as much student participation as possible. The kids tell Rachel about what they're writing, and come up with ideas for new stories. Rachel tells them what helps her write better, they give Rachel ideas for what works for them. Rachel considers school visits to be an exchange of ideas and her goal is to help each child recognize and respect his or her own creative process. Rachel draws on her years as a high school teacher and K-12 teacher trainer to assure lessons are engaging, meaningful and accessible for all students.

All lessons are tailored to specific grade level, use the book BUILDING ON NATURE or THROUGH GEORGIA'S EYES as a teaching tool, and allow ample time for Q&As. Here are just a few of the segments Rachel uses in her school visits:

  • How To Grow A Book: An informative and entertaining presentation covering the amazing, strange and sometimes painful (ouch!) steps it takes to create a book.

    For younger children: Rachel and students talk about the amazing life of Antoni Gaudi or Georgia O'Keeffe, how writers get ideas, what's important to stories, and how to see the world through the eyes of an artist.

    For older students: Rachel walks the students through the process of conceiving, researching, composing, revising, and publishing a book, giving them an inside glimpse of a writer's life. Students see first drafts, artists sketches, edited manuscripts and printers' proofs. They discuss how an author does research and learn about Georgia O'Keeffe, a determined young girl who overcame barriers in her time to become one of the most celebrated female artists of the 20th century.
  • Writer's tools: Surprise grab bag of props to facilitate talk about the writing process.
  • Write-a-story-in-real-time: Kids participate in the story-telling process.


Author's home: San Francisco, California
Suggested audience: Grades K-6, professional groups, conferences, writers' groups
Maximum presentations per day: 3

Rachel provides posters, slideshow, props and Curriculum Guide lessons created by a National Board Certified Teacher. For assemblies and larger groups, Rachel requires an overhead projector, screen and microphone. Presentations require about 45 minutes, including questions. Rachel can easily visit more than one school in your area, and will gladly provide signatures.

Booking Info

Please write Rachel at the email address below to set up a visit.

Contact Rachel

Rachel with students
school visit, Stockton

for an unforgettable school visit.

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